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The Poltz Diner

This page is a dedication to the best musician! Steve Poltz! Here, you will find biographies, interviews, pictures, my own personal encounter with Steve, reviews and anything else I can dig up on the legendary Steve Poltz!

Lately, I've been really slack in keeping this site updated because, I've been ultra busy! I'd actually forgotton heaps of the stuff I wrote... like the encounter- I forgot all those details actually happened!
But, after reading your guestbook messages, it got me all inspired and excited again so, I assure you I intend to make some new additions and update those bloody photos, album an lyric galleries!

The latest addition to the site is the fabulous Classifieds section where YOU can buy and sell Steve Poltz/Rugburns merchandise. Just post your desired item or item for sale on the classifides page! Also, you can now get your own personalised Steve Poltz e-mail address! Just click on the link!

Don't forget to sign my Guestbook to let me know how to improve the page, if you've had an encounter with Steve, you want answers to questions or anything else, just let me know by signing the book!


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