Steve's Birthday Bash
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Steve's Birthday Bash

February 20, 2000 wasn't just an average day for Mr. Poltz! Organised, was a private party for Steve at "Java Joe's" in San Diego. Of course, it wouldn't be a Steve kind of party without alcohol, so everyone brought a little extra!

A huge list of people played that night, including Gregory Page, Jose Sinatra, Anya Marina, The Dragons and of course, The Rugburns.

Here are some pictures from the event!

Top Left: Steve performs with The Rugburns... Rob Driscoll wasn't there!
Top Right: Steve having a little dance with Anya.
Middle Left: Jen, Joe Daly and the birthday boy
Middle Right: Same deal- Don't think they knew the camera was coming!
Bottom Left: Stinky and Steve- Can someone please tell me what Stinky's doing?!