My Encounter with Steve Poltz
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My Encounter with Steve Poltz

Reading over this two years later makes me cringe! I sound absolutely obsessed! But, I'm going to leave it because, that's how I truly felt at the time. I wrote this the night I came home from Steve's concert!

Before I tell you about my encounter with Steve, I have to tell you why I wanted to see him again so much!

The first time I saw Steve was when I went to see Jewel in concert when she toured in March 1999. My friend, Sarah and I, were really excited about seeing Jewel and to tell you the truth, when I saw Steve come on stage, I got really annoyed because, I just wanted to see Jewel. Then, I took a closer look (as close as you can when you're in the very last row!) and thought to myself "Hhhmmm, not bad"!! (I have only Jewel to thank for my obsession with Steve!!)

Steve started talking to the audience and telling us stories about his upbringing and things like that. He, then started strumming that guitar in a way he only could and he got me hooked! Instantly, I fell in love with this man's looks, personality and humour!

His intimacy with the audience is what makes him such a great performer. He interacts with the audience. So much so, that he got this girl on stage, Louise, to sip the red wine he had set up on a red and white checked table cloth with candles and the lot! Sarah and I were sooooo jealous!!

As soon as he went off stage, I raced downstairs and bought two copies of Steve's C.D's before they ran out!

Left: The beautiful and very talented Jewel Kilcher.

Below: Jewel and Steve on the Tonight show with Jay Leno. No, Steve doesn't have a microphone attached to his nose!

Now, I'll tell you about my little encounter with Steve which has left a huge impression on me!!

It was Monday April 12th, 1999 and I went to the Harbourside Brasserie in Sydney with a friend of mine, Sarah and her best friend Eils.

When we got there, there was this guy on who wasn't very good, especially compared to Steve! As soon as Steve came on, we all got really excited! We were sitting on the stairs to the side of the restaurant but, we could see perfectly, we were really close to the stage. Steve started off his concert with a song dedicated to chairs. It was really funny! But, I have to say, we had a pretty crap audience, they just weren't being very co-operative! Mind you, we were sitting next to these drunken morons who wouldn't shut up while Steve was performing... You could tell he was getting mad because, he kept glancing over at them with some top notch greasies!

He had his table and wine set up again. I also noticed a Barbie doll in one of the wine glasses! He was taking swigs of his VB (VB is beer for all you non-Australian folk) when he was thirsty. During his performance he was telling the story about when his Ma (yep, he calls his Mum and Dad, Ma and Pa... how cute!) turned up to the studio when they were recording "Forbidden Fruit" (about a hooker) and he performed a poem he had never done in front of anyone before. It was in the perspective of Larry Flynt, founder of Hustler, and I have to say, no matter how crude it was, I was in stitches! It was very clever!

Anyway, after his concert, he came off stage and I never realised how tall he was! He sat down by the door and everyone rushed to get his autograph. I was towards the front of the line and the woman in front of me was taking photos with Steve and he kissed her on the cheek while I was really wishing I brought a camera! When I finally got there, he looked up at me and I said "Hi, I'm Sophie". Then, he offered his hand (and I gladly took it) and said "Hi Sophie, I'm Steve". And before you ask, I already knew his name was Steve!

He then started talking about a movie he saw which had a girl called Sophie in it. He said "I just fell in love with her". He must have been playing games with my mind because, I was going nuts in my head! Anyway, he suggested "You should hire it out on video or something, it's a great movie". But, can I remember the movie??? NO!

After the introduction was out of the way, I lay down my "One Left Shoe" album for him to sign and a picture for my friend. I was so nervous so, I just blurted out "I just had to come see you again", really corny, I know! Steve looked up at me puzzled, so, I explained "I saw you at the Jewel concert" and he said "Oh, yeah, oh, you're wearing your t-shirt", he touched my shirt (you could only imagine what was going on in my head at the time!). Then, he said "Oh yeah, I like Jewel, she's really nice".

He handed back my C.D which said "To Sophie Love Steve Poltz" and the picture and I said "Thanks so much" and he said, that's O.K". I finally had to say my goodbyes so, I said "Bye Steve" and he looked me straight in the eyes and said "Bye Sophie" then, the moment was over but, the feeling was still in my stomach!

I was literally shaking with excitement! He was so cool, so nice and approachable! In the car on the way back, I was still shaking and all I could do was stare at my C.D cover and think, "I hope he writes a song about me"!!! Stupid, I know but, understandable, none the less!

It was three minutes of my life but, it's left the biggest impression ever!