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Steve Poltz Interviews


Unfortunately in this interview, Steve doesn't seem to open up towards the end but, please don't let that turn you off him! (Was that worded badly???)

Les Sarnoff introduces Steve, Steve then plays "Silver Lining", then the two get down to talking.

Les: Thank you very much Steve Poltz. How did you get hooked up with Jewel?

Steve: Surfing down in Mexico. Just hanging out. She worked in a coffee shop and we started writing songs before either of us had a record deal.

Les: Is it hard writing a song that somebody else turns into a hit record?

Steve: Not at all. It's good. You'd want to do it.

Les: Really? It seems like it would be hard to see someone else be successful with something that you helped create.

Steve: No, it's not. I loved it. That's what you want.

Les: Well, that sounds like a healthy relationship. I've read comparisons to your style with everyone from James Taylor to Duncan Sheik to Jackson Browne. Do you mind being compared to those guys and who are some of your musical influences?

Steve: Tom Waits and Rickie Lee Jones...

Les: I can see that.

Steve: ...Bob Dylan, Louden Wainwright, Randy Newman, John Prine.

Les: That's a pretty good list.

Steve:Those are the people that I just love their music. They are the masters.

Les: Are you pleased with the response to "One Left Shoe"?

Steve: It's been cool. People have been so responsive to it and now I'm just touring with me and my guitar. It's different than what I would do with my group "The Rugburns". With The Rugburns, I might wear a dress up on stage and it would be mass mayhem.

Les: Now, for the folks who don't know The Rugburns, you're a San Diego group.

Steve: Yeah, we're from San Diego and we've toured for years. This is something different for me to do. It's just me with a guitar and I get to sing love songs.

Les: And you're touring all over the world?

Steve: Yeah, I do London next week and then Canada. I played last night in Seattle, slept an hour, came down here.

Les: Took the old red eye down to Portland?

Steve: Yeah, we had to get up at 4:30am.

Les: Well, I can't tell you how much I appreciate you dropping by our Kink Studios this morning. Best of luck on your worldwide tour and would you do one more for us?

Steve: I would love to. This is my version of "You Were Meant For Me" sung from a dude's perspective. You guys have been playing "Silver Lining" so, I thought I'd do something a little different.

Les: Great. I'd love to hear a dude's version of "You Were Meant For Me".

Steve: You can take this a few different ways. This could be from the perspective of the man as a stalker now... as in "You Were Meant Fr Me", but really the relationship is over... So there are a few different ways you can look at this song. Here we go!

(Steve performs his version of "You Were Meant For me").


What was your first guitar like?

Steve: Broken, out of tune and covered in dust from the attic in our house. And, I think the person who owned it before me was a serial killer who kept the fingers of his victims in jars of formaldehyde beneath his porch... Because, it was blood splattered.

What is your main acoustic now?

It's brown and has seven machine heads instead of six because, six is the devil's number. Actually, it's a 1986 Taylor 510 with tonnes of cracks. It sounds like chior angels in the middle of Time Square at rush hour.

What sort of amplification do you use on stage?

I use two fishman wedges. They're loud enough to cut through when I play in Jewel's band and they sound really full. Sometimes I pour steaming hot cheese whiz on top of the woofers to get a REAL smooth sound.

What's your favourite line from a song?

"And I need you more than I want you. And I want you for all time". (Wichita Lineman- Jimmy Webb). He already wants her for all time but, he needs her more than that... Beautiful!

What's your favourite line from one of your songs?

I want you more than I need you. Just kidding!
"She hopped in my car faster than bar time... Honey would you like a date she said" ("Forbidden Fruit"). It wasn't even an original line.

If you had the choice of either playing for the L.A dodgers (whom he's written about on his album) or having your own worldwide number one hit, which would you choose?

I'd play for the San Diego Padres unless I could be the next Spice Girl. I love wearing lingerie!

What's Steve Poltz up to for the rest of 1999?

Breast implants and a tummy tuck!