Steve Poltz Gossip
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Steve Poltz Gossip

Here's the page that you'll find the latest and some past gossip on Steve and The Rugburns (If there is any). Enjoy!


* Steve's latest album "Answering Machine" (Scam-O-Rama records ) has 56 songs plus 4 bonus tracks all recorded on an answering machine and all about 45 seconds long. The C.D was recorded using a walkman with some toilet paper to hide any movements of the microphone against the phone. The cover of the C.D and all the pictures inside are black and white and all of Steve!

* Last year, our talented Steve won the San Diego Music Award for "Artist of the Year". On ya Steve!
To check out video footage of the event, check out the San Diego Music Awards Official Page on the Links Page or click on the image on the left.

* Bought the "Notting Hill" soundtrack lately? If you have, chances are you've heard a remix of Steve's song for Jewel "Everything About You". I've had a bit of a listen to the song and it starts off with bagpipes (How very Scottish!) and it's a little less folky than the album version. Personally, I say stick with the album version but, check it out for yourselves... It's pretty good!



* The cute little blonde kid on the front of the album "Mommy I'm Sorry" is Steve's Niese and the hand feeding her was his girlfriend.

* The song "Suburbia" is on the soundtrack for the movie "Bio Dome" with Pauley Shore and Steven Baldwin... Funny movie!

* Steve's cracked his head open in 1994. He had to have 48 stitches at the top of his head. One of the Rugburns souvenir t-shirt's has Steve's stitched head on it (you can check that out on the t-shirts link from the main page).

* Steve likes to get drunk!

* Rugburns were banned from Los Angeles! Yes, the clean cut, folkie "love to love", Steve Poltz got putridly drunk at a Rugburns concert in L.A. To top it off, he told the club and other bands to "Kiss my ass" and "Suck my Dick"!

* You've probably heard the Rugburns have their own language... Well, you're right! A few examples are:

He/She's from Perkins- Used to describe those who display an amazing lack of intelligence.

Alterna babe- A good looking girl who dresses in "alternative" style.

Cock block- If you're checking out a girl and someone gets in your way, he's cock blocking you.

Chewey- When you're driving and we reach a fork in the road and we don't know which way to go, one of us will scream like Chewbacca from Star Wars. Someone else in the van will say "What's wrong Chewey?" like he's Hans Solo.

For the full "Rugspeak" check out the official Rugburns page (On the links page).