Care Instructions
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Sophia Care Instructions

Each of the Sophia range is made with very delicate materials, such as lace, ribbons, beads, etc. so, this care page is really just some common sense steps to follow to protect the items.

In order to care for your Sophia belts, follow these simple steps:

1. As-You-Wear protection
2. Dry clean
3. Warm iron- avoiding beads

1. When wearing the range, take caution in catching the items on sharp objects such as nails and splinters. Any dangly bits may tear off at this point! Also, try to avoid staining the item with drinks or dirt- obvious, I know but, the only way to clean them is to dry clean them!

2. Which brings me to my next point! Nice little segue! The best way to clean the items are to get them dry cleaned. As some of the items are dyed, hand washing may make the dye run and you'll end up with a hypercolour effect! As the belts have an interfacing inside them, washing with water will also ruin the item.

3. If you do need to iron the garment- this can be quite difficult with all the beads, etc.-I suggest ironing with on a warm setting on the INSIDE of the item and covering with a tea towel to protect the fabric.