Steve Poltz Biography
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Steve Poltz Biography

Steve Poltz, one of America's most talented men has been entertaining the world for more than a decade. Hard to believe seeing as though, he only graced my world (Australia) in March, 1999 when he toured with great friend and co-writer Jewel.

Steve and Jewel first met at the Innerchange Coffee House in San Diego where Jewel was waitressing and Steve was playing his tunes. Steve was 32 and Jewel was just a tender 19. "Next thing I know, we started writing songs together" Steve stated. It was Steve who helped launch Jewel's career. Jewel began singing once a week at the Innerchange. Steve says "Within six months, there were limousines pulling up and people offering her record deals". Later, they became regulars at Java Joe's Coffee House in San Diego.

Steve and Jewel have co-wrote a few songs together. The most memorable and famous would have to be "You Were Meant For Me" which appeared on the Jewel album, "Pieces Of You". "You Were Meant For Me" was one of the biggest selling singles in recent history. By the end of 1997, it had been on Billboards "Hot 100" chart for 59 weeks, the longest any single has remained on the chart, ever!! Steve and Jewel have also written the songs "Adrian", which is a very touching song and appears on Jewel's "Pieces of You" album, and "Impala", which is backed up by the "Mighty Mighty Bostones". No, it's not about a loveable dear as I originally thought, it's actually about an early model car called an Impala!! "Impala" appears on Steve's first solo album, "One Left Shoe".

Steve has also appeared in two of Jewel's video clips. Yep, he was that guy cutting off Jewel's sleeves and pulling down that dress of hers in the clip for "You Were Meant For Me"!! His most recent appearence in Jewel's clips is in the video for her recent single "Down so long" on her second album, "Spirit". Steve's in the background playing that guitar in the great way he does!

Steve's "One Left Shoe" sold 38000 copies, in its first year! With such success in his solo career, Steve has scored him a video clip of his own. His first single off "One Left Shoe", "Silver Lining", which sees the brilliant Steve singing his dedication to a hero ex-baseball player, John Kruk!

Steve and Jewel

Believe it or not, Steve Poltz came from a very normal family. It's hard to believe that such a talent hasn't had the stereotype lifestyle of an American performer these days!

Steve was born in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Steve, after moving around to places like Pasadena for his Father's air conditioning profession, eventually settled in San Diego where he attended the University of San Diego and his career began. When I say career, I mean he got a job selling plumbing supplies... then he began his career as a musician!

If you're wondering why his songs (don't!) sound so church-like and pure, it's probably because, Steve was a good Catholic alter boy growing up. Hard to believe when songs like "Forbidden Fruit" and "The Fairies Came" enter your mind!

Now, to a different topic, I suppose all the women out there are wondering who this gorgeous speciman has gone out with!! Well, I don't know for sure but, I can tell you, when I went to Steve's Concert at "The Harbourside Brasserie" in Sydney, he stated before he sang "Everything About You" that it was for a woman he really loved "but, then Sean Penn stole her from me!!" We now know the unmentionable woman is none other than Jewel. Yep, not strangely enough the gorgeous Alaskan who co-wrote many songs with Steve!

Doesn't life suck, ladies???

The Aquarian's first solo album, "One Left Shoe", was recorded in 15 days at Hollywood's "Ocean Way Studios". If you've heard things about the album being recorded on an answering machine, well, you're right! But, it's a little more techincal than that! As Steve says in his "One Left Shoe" tribute section "For all of you technological geeks out there this album was recorded analog using a Radio Shack micro cassette answering machine". Got that???

Of course, Steve isn't alone in his career. Without his many friends and co-workers he probably wouldn't be in the position he's in now. Of course, there's way too many people to write on here but, one very important person, Steve's manager, Robert Duffey is thanked for being Steve's great freind!

Steve Poltz, of course, wasn't a stranger to the music industry before he became a solo artist. Steve is well known for being in that very comical band, "The Rugburns". The fun loving band consisted of six members, all with some nickname meanings unknown to the audience!
Steve Poltz: Stringbreaker, Polio boy, Guy One
Jeff Aafedt: Stinky, Guy Two
Gregory Page: Guy Three
Rob Driscoll: Dr., Guy Four
John Castro: Vegas, I keel you, Pissy Poo Poo, The love child of Prince and Dave Navaro
James Castro: (unknown)

The Rugburns obviously never got bored writing songs. Their originality and "socially unacceptable" lyrics makes their songs so bloody halarious! (to put it bluntly!). Take, for example, "The Fairies Came". This song is about picking up a transvestite in a bar and then actually finding out that "she" was a man!

However, Steve has gone from overly comical to what the media have dubbed "folk songs". Although Steve's C.D may sound lovey dovey and folky, he still manages to keep some light humour in there! Take for example "The Star Wars Song" and "The ABC's of Love".

If you're wondering why I've spent hours on this site it's because, I admire this man. He's come along way in a difficult business, I feel the world should show recognition to this great talent and that's why I've dedicated this page to him!

Keep singing Steve!